How can I install OrderEm on Clover?

Why am I getting multiple prints?

OrderEm by default prints orders and receipts to your current printer setup from each device activated in the notification settings. Screen looks like as below.

multiple prints

If you want to disable automatic printing to a devices, simply click on the appropriate switch button tored to disable that device from sending a print command.

multiple prints red

How do I setup my Clover?

If you need assistance setting up your Clover Device and/or Account, please reach Clover Support.

What would will the prints look like?

Order print sample:

print sample

Receipt print sample:

receipt sample

How do I stop getting charged from OrderEm?

You must uninstall the OrderEm App from the Clover App market. Billing for the cancelled month will refund the remaining period of the month. This may take several days to show in your account. For additional information, contact Clover support. Following steps for uninstall OrderEm app from clover.

1. Go to ( and click on the “Log In” option.

faqs Login form

2. Enter your login credentials (email and password) and click on login button.

Faq Login button

3. Click on More Tools option and then select the "My Apps" section or search app

Faq Install App
Faq Search App Field

4. Click on app which you want to uninstall

Faq Search App Name

5. Click on three dots button in app or you can click same button in app selection

Faq click on three dots
Faq click on three dots

6. Click on Uninstall App option then your app will be uninstalled.

Faq Uninstall App
Faq Uninstall App

How do I make updates to my menu?

All menu updates should be made on your Clover Inventory.

Then simply click “Import from Clover” on or “Import” on the OrderEm App

Clover Import

OrderEm App:

Clover Import OrderemApp

How do I make an item unavailable?

To make and item or category unavailable, go to “Menu/Items/Products” in OrderEm.comor “My Menu” in the OrderEm App. - Disable a category or menu item:

Clover Menu ItemsClover Menu Products

OrderEm App - Disable a category or menu item:

Clover My MenuClover MyMenu Orderem App