How can I install OrderEm on Clover?

1. Go to clover website ( ) and click on login option.

Faq login form

2. Give your login credentials (Email and password) and click on login button.

Faq Login Button

3. Click on More Tools option and then select Installed Apps option.

Faq Install App

4. Search with your app name in search filed.


5. Click on connect button.

Clover Connect button

6. Click on Accept button to install your app.

Clover Accept Install App

7. Your app appear as show below once you have installed.

Clover App Appear

How can I set up automatic printing?

OrderEm by default prints orders and receipt to your current printer setup. Make sure that you have downloaded, and logged into OrderEm. Screen looks like as below.

Clover logged Orderem

If you want to disable automatic printing simply you can click on switch button then it will be disabled and switch button color changed to red.

Clover Switch Disable