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Service Provider Cost Calculator

Compare with the amount that you would pay to use the following online ordering service providers

Avg take out Price
Avg # orders per day
Service Provider Commission % Yearly Cost
Grubhub/Seamless $ 10,950
Eat24/Yelp $ 14,235
DoorDash $ 19,710
UberEats $ 32,850
Costs With orderem
$1,188 Per year

You Would Save

Cost Devide
At least
$ 9,762
Up To
$ 31,662
Compared to the same volume generated through each service provider. The OrderEm cost generated using our Pricing Plan
OrderEm does not claim the above amounts as official figures.
Please note that some of the above companies may provide delivery service. OrderEm provides you the software to manage your own drivers, but does not provide delivery service.
3rd Party Delivery services can provide value to you and your customers. If your customers simply need to order online from you, we propose you use OrderEm to save.

Data Ownership
Data Ownership

Who Owns The Data?

In today's information age, maintaining control of your customer's data is important to promote retention through marketing.

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Many 3rd party services do not concede this control to their merchant partners. With OrderEm, you have full control of your customer's data.
data owner ship
Service Provider Who Owns the Data?
Grubhub/Seamless Not You
Eat24/Yelp Not You
DoorDash Not You
UberEats Not You
Selection Criteria
Selection Criteria
Cost Marketing
Your website/app should help you gather more information about your customers and their preferences to successfully market.
Cost Analytics
Our systems allow you to gather customer information and preferences to help you understand your customers better.
Cost nBranding
If reputation is important, having control over your brand is paramount. Maintain your brand's identity by leveraging our tools.
Cost Loyalty
Improve one-on-one relationships with your customers. You can customize your loyalty program to incentivize your customers effectively.
Cost Dynamic Menu
Dynamic Menu
Make updates to your menus in real time across all channels. Keep your website current and your guests happy.
Cost Integration
Our developers can integrate with your backend POS, Inventory, marketing and other systems. Create your own mobile and web apps using our powerful API.