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Add a delivery ordering button to take online delivery orders from your website or custom app within minutes. The set-up is easy!

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Flexible delivery zones allow you to maximize your appeal, reach & serve your nearby customers for a nice low price.

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The DeliverEm App is available for your drivers to manage & track your delivery orders, assign orders, track driver performance and much more!

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Take delivery orders from your website, custom app, and Facebook page. Increase your sales by promoting across social media channels.

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What is an online delivery order system?

An online delivery order system allows you to take delivery orders directly from your website, custom app or Facebook page. Thus, making it easier for your customers to place their orders from anywhere. By implementing this system, customers can also take comfort in knowing that their food is ordered with accuracy and that they have the ability to save on their food orders through coupons and other promotional offers.

How does online delivery order management work?

Once a customer places an order, you’ll get a notification through your order management app, a phone call, text or email with: the order details & item details, the delivery address and notes. Your kitchen will then directly prepare the food and notify driver when it’s ready for pickup and delivery to the customer.

Why should I offer online delivery orders?

The main reason you should offer online delivery orders is because it’ll cut down on your concession lines and help you manage more orders in less time. Another reason is because in today’s digital world, customers are more comfortable ordering online via apps or a website than they are ordering traditionally over the phone. Additionally, most customers want to know when their food will be prepared and at what time they can pick up their food without wasting their time. And online delivery order help add to their peace of mind.

Does online delivery orders notify our kitchen and staff?

OrderEm allows you to configure your choice of notifications either through phone call or email or fax or text message that will notify you. Or if you download OrderEm app through app notification you will get notify whenever user placed order to your restaurant.

Can i assign orders to driver?

Through orderem app you can assign the order to driver. Go to OrderEm app login with your user credentials there you can see list of received orders, confirmed orders and completed orders. Go to the list of received orders and click on respective delivery order id and select assign driver option list of drivers will show and assign to available driver.

Can i charge delivery fee from customers?

Yes, you can charge delivery fee from customers to delivering their food to their doorstep. And customer will also know how much your charging per delivery to their also while ordering.

Can i create delivery zones?

Yes, you create your delivery zones which your flexible to provide your delivery service with minimum delivery fee charges per an order and minimum time taken by the driver to deliver the order to your customer.

What is meant by extended delivery zone?

If you like to take orders outside the zone, you can by extend the delivery zone and can also charge per mile as your choice.

Can i turn off my online delivery orders or change my delivery settings?

Yes, you can turn off your settings whenever you want. We provide an option also for you can turn off your settings at certain hours/days after that it will turn on automatically. And you can change delivery settings at any time and save the changes.

How can i create my delivery hours?

By going to Hours page which is under your restaurant name there you can create your set of delivery hours. And you can also provide added set of hours directly to all categories of your menu by selecting across all categories option.