At OrderEm, we believe in supporting small businesses with the power of cutting edge technology. Our goal is to provide local businesses that are dedicated to serving their communities with superior technology so that they can compete with the big chains. We want to level the playing field to keep small businesses thriving and communities growing.

With OrderEm, small businesses can accept online orders through their existing website or social media pages, create accessible websites, mobile apps, and kiosk ordering stations, and organize their deliveries, all seamlessly integrated with their existing POS systems, at an affordable price. We also provide businesses with operational tools and analytics so that itís easy to see trends and maximize profits.

Thereís no need to hire a web designer with OrderEm - our platform is designed so that users of all abilities can create fully customized websites, and our customer service team is always available to help you along the way.

We have two distinct branches: MunchEm, the customer facing end, dedicated to connecting customers to your business, and OrderEm, the business facing end that works behind the scenes to make the selling experience as simple as possible. These two divisions work together to bring more customers to your business and to make sure that every interaction between consumer and merchant is simple, efficient, and positive.

We never want a customer to be turned away from your business because of an inconvenient or confusing ordering system, and we donít want any businesses to be weighed down by the excessive commissions demanded by some ordering platforms. Make ordering easy with OrderEm!

- The OrderEm Team.

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