Customer Engagement
Leverage Online Ordering

Our CRM can help collect, store, manage and engage your customers across different channels which include your store, website, social media and app.

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Customer Engagenment

CRM Across all channels:
Mobile Ordering

OrderEm centralizes customer data from your POS, Website, App and Social platforms.

Engage your customers with personalized messages and promotions using your database.

CRM enables you to promote to your customer virtually no cost.

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Grow your customers:
Your Custom App

Bigger list

Grow a bigger list:

Gain new Customer data automatically through online ordering, custom app and in-store transactions.


Build Loyalty:

Use customer data to create loyalty programs that allow you to collect your customer preferences, feedback to target effective marketing strategies to improve customer retention


Marketing Campaigns:

Send email, text or push notification campaigns to increase revenue and customer satisfaction

grow your customers
Product Features
Customer Data
Customer Data
Automatically build your customer database and loyalty with online orders, app orders. And the best part is, you own the data!
Omni Channel
See complete customer history and Access all your customer information whenever you want. Wherever you are. OrderEm is available is App Store, Google Play
Store customer preferences of email vs push notifications, order history, birthdays to engage them appropriately.
Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting
From your smart dashboard, get insights into your campaign performance with detailed conversion reports & absolute ROI analysis.
Our CRM is integrated with Square and Clover POS. Or you can import/export to excel.
Intuitive workflows create delightful customer experiences. Either you create coupon, manage loyalty, or email campaign, it is automated for you