Boost sales and provide convenience to fans by offering premium in-seat online ordering through your custom app for stadiums & venues.

In-Seat Food Ordering Mobile


Allow guests to order from their seat, view events, and more by offering cashless mobile ordering & contactless delivery.

Contactless Mobile Ordering


Ensure fans don’t miss any of the action by delivering their order straight to their seat when they order through the app.

Build Your Brand


Increase revenue by decreasing the long line at the concession stand when you offer in-seat ordering to your customers.

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What exactly is the online in-seat food ordering system?

The online in-seat delivery ordering system allows customers to have their order delivered to their seat without having to stand in a queue and miss the show. This is available no matter the venue: theaters, convention centers, stadiums, or in business seats.

How does the online in-seat delivery management system work?

Once a customer places an order, you will get a notification either through the OrderEm app, phone call, text, or email with: the order details & item details, fan seat number, and notes. Your kitchen will then prepare the food and notify your runners to deliver the order directly to the customer seat.

Why should I offer online in-seat food orders?

Data shows that customers place larger orders and order more when they can still stay in the comfort of their seat and continue watching the game or show. This can also cut down your concession stand lines and increase revenue.

Can we expect tip from customers?

Yes, you can expect by simply allowing tip option from in-seat delivery setting to allow customers tip to the runners.

How can I know customer seat details to deliver their order?

You will get customer seat number details in order details when they placed. It was mandatory to the customer give their seat details before placing an order or otherwise it will not allow user to place.

How can I get to know user additional preferences about their order?

When we are notifying you through your configured choice of notifications either through phone call or email or fax or text message will give customer order details, item details, seat number and customer notes which they like to get their additional preferences.

Is there any cash on delivery option for in-seat delivery?

Our settings allow you to configure so that you have the control. Either you can allow to take cash orders to be paid on delivery or make online payment required to make it contactless delivery.

Can I turn off my in-seat delivery settings or change my settings?

Yes, you can turn off your settings whenever you want. We provide an option also for you can turn off your settings at certain hours/days after that it will turn on automatically. And you can change your in-seat delivery settings at any time and save the changes.

Can I configure all concession stands in our venue to offer this?

Yes, you can configure and mange all the concession stands from a single login and manage the orders and revenue for them. You can also collect and pay them from your account if needed. This way you can manage runners, track runners and promote your app/website and charge convenience fees to the fans who place orders and offer free service to your concession stands. Just contact us to discuss the details.

Can I track all my runners?

Yes, you can track the runners using the system. Charge delivery fees to the seat or convenience fees.