Takeout Order


With our easy set-up, add the Takeout or Pickup button to your website by simply copying and pasting a piece of HTML code in minutes.

Takeout Order Mobile


Gather customer data such as email & phone, then use it to send customized marketing to build customer base and loyalty.

*Third party delivery apps normally with hold this information from you.

Gater Marketing Data


Build your business brand and save on commission by allowing your guests to place orders directly from your website or custom app.

Build Your Brand


Take delivery orders through your website, custom app, and Facebook page to influence locals and increase sales.

Go Omni channel


What exactly is the online takeout order system?

OrderEm’s Online Takeout order system allows your customers to place takeout orders directly from your website, custom app or your Facebook page. Once an order is placed, our system suggests the best time to pick up their orders based off of preparation times.

What are the advantages of online takeout orders?

Because your online orders have cross-selling opportunities, the size of your customer’s orders will increase. Order accuracy also improves as the customer is responsible for placing their correct order; so, mistakes aren’t dependent upon your employees. For complete benefits of online ordering, see our blog article

How does the online takeout order system work?

Once a customer place an order, you will get a notification through our order management app, phone call, text message or email with order details of customer. This will also display the item details, delivery address and notes in addition to that. You will then also have the ability to print the orders in your kitchen directly if you work with a POS compatible partner. After that, your kitchen simply prepares the food and will then notify the customer of the appropriate time to pick up their order. Download the OrderEm app for iOS and Android here.

Why take online takeout orders?

The main reason behind online Takeout orders are because to cut down your concession lines for user to receive their orders and help you to manage more orders in less time. And also customers are more comfortable in ordering online via apps/website than by calling. Customers feel not only order accuracy improves but they can save much more through online and incentivized with coupons and promotional offers. Apart from that most customers want to know when will their food prepared and at what time they can pickup their food without wasting their time.

Can i turn off my online takeout orders or change my takeout settings?

Yes, you can turn off your Take order settings whenever you want. We provide an option also for you to turn off your settings at certain hours/days after that it will turn on automatically. And you can change your settings at any time and save the changes.

Can takeout online ordering be integrated with my POS?

Our system integrates with leading POS systems like Clover, Square, Stripe. So your online sales will directly show up in your POS and every order can be automatically printed to your kitchen printers. Hence, no hand-writing tickets required. Save time and increase order accuracy.

What are ASAP Orders?

If your customers are not comfortable with your accurate time to pickup their order. At that time they can choose their convenient time to pickup their order by choosing ASAP timings. In this way you will not loose your customer.

Does online takeout orders notify our kitchen and staff?

OrderEm allows you to configure your choice of notifications either through phone call or email or fax or text message that will notify you. Or if you download OrderEm app through app notification you will get notify whenever user placed order to your restaurant.

What is meant by future order?

Some customers would like to place their order before hand itself. For example, If customer likes to place their evening dinner order in the morning or a birthday party order a week before you can provide that facility by allowing future orders from 24 hours to 7 days or more.