Drive Thru


Allow customers to pick up their order through your drive-thru by simply asking for their Order ID.

Drive Thru mobile


Send special offers, events, & order status through email, text or push notifications to increase revenue and satisfied customers.

Marketing Tools


Manage orders remotely through notifications & know the status of orders at any time through the OrderEm app.

Order Management


Receive drive-thru orders across all digital channels including your website, custom app and Facebook page.

Omni-Channel Digital Menu


What exactly is drive-thru online ordering?

Online Drive-Thru ordering allows your customers to pick up their order through your Drive-Thru window at their convenience. They can rest assured that their order was taken accurately and can also apply special discounts and promotional offers to their online order.

How does the drive-thru online ordering system work?

Once a customer places an order, you'll get notified via OrderEm, phone, text message or email with: order & item details, pickup location and notes. Automatic printing to a compatible kitchen printer is also available to help streamline your staff's workflow.

Why should I offer drive-thru online ordering?

Overall customer experience plays a major part in repeat and new business, especially when the majority of recommendations/difference comes through word of mouth. By offering customers the ability to place, pay for & pick up their online order without having to leave their car, this will not only improve their experience but it also alleviate your instore queues.