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Exclusive Points Program

Build your own points program

Build your own points program to increase customer retention, boost revenue, gather customer insights and develop deeper customer relationships. Give your customers what they expect for their loyalty.
How It Works


Customers are rewarded points for placing orders from your restaurant.


Merchant's can determine how many points are given per dollar spent. Points awarded will have a year expiration date from the time they are awarded and can be looked up through each customer's order history.


Customers will have the ability of using their earned points anywhere within the Merchant's platform, Website, Custom App, Social Media and In-store.


You can set the amount of points a customer receives when they place an order. Once the customer has earned enough points, they can redeem them towards the payment of an order.
Any Order Via your branded App or Website5% on order Amount
(Business can choose to set any percentage to award)

For every 100 points gained by your customer, he would be able to redeem towards paying for an order for the value of $1.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Points Program?

Points Program is a loyalty program, exclusive to your business, that allows you to reward your customers with points for every order they place. Points will be rewarded as per the percentage you fix on the total value of an order.

How can My customer redeem these points?

Your customer can select redeem points when checking out when placing an order if they have earned enough points to pay for the entire dollar value of an order.

How I can enroll..?

By just paying $59 per month, your business can get enrolled to Points Program. It requires your ACH or Credit Card information to be on file.

How many points can my customer get..?

Your customers can earn points for every order they make, you determine how many points they earn per dollar spent.