Table Reservations Easy
Table Reservations Easy

Generate more business and fill empty seats by taking online, over the phone and in-person requests. Manage reservations on OrderEm app on any Android and iOS device as well as on
Choose A Design, Make It your Own Design, Build And Launch In Days
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Easy Reservation

Reserve On Any Device
Leverage Online Ordering

Take reservations from custom mobile app on Android and iOS as well as your website and Facebook page.
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Product Features
Product Features
Wait list
Send Push Notifications alerts to a party when it is time for them to be seated to those that make reservations on your custom app. Notify those who don’t via SMS.
Behavior analytics deliver insights that support your sales objectives. Understand your customers preferences more clearly to make better business decisions.
Receive reservations through web, app and in-person with a unified experience for your customers
Dynamic Layouts
Have multiple layouts to accommodate any floorplan. Have theability to quickly toggle between.
Guest Database
Ask us about integrating with your current device/POS.
Order Assignment
Assign orders to reservations for a completely synchronized experience that will improve your productivity and efficiency