Maximizing Delivery
July 08, 2019
Maximizing 3rd Party Delivery By Ricky Rodriguez, MunchEm Operations Why should I even offer delivery? It’s what customers expect now.   We live in marketplace that is trending towards bringing the marketplace to the consumer. 9 in 10 US food delivery service users say it makes their live....Read More
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How to Create Facebook Business Page with online ordering link
July 08, 2019
If you already have business page skip to Step 5 directly. Step 1: Sign up. Go to In the top right hand corner, click the dropdown next to Create An Ad to select Create a Page . You'll be greeted with the following window including Business ....Read More
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Successful Digital Marketing For Your Restaurant
July 08, 2019
increasing exposure of your website across multiple platforms will drive more customers to your online store front. consider the following 10 recommendations from orderem to grow your online presence.   1. how to market using facebook from your facebook profile page, click the pages header in....Read More
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Restaurant Marketing Ideas To Get More Customers
July 08, 2019
just like you promote your brick and mortar business, it’s important to market your online ordering to new and current customers. orderem provides tools to be able to better showcase your online storefront. the use of coupons and incentives through social media can help bring in new customers....Read More
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Star Micronics and MunchEm Team Up to Offer Online Ordering for Web, Custom Apps, and Kiosks
July 08, 2019
Star Micronics, a leading manufacturer of mobile, point of sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proud to announce that MunchEm has added support for its SP700 and TSP100III printers. MunchEm, unlike other online ordering and delivery services, is enhancing how the consumer orders foo....Read More
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Why You Should Get Mobile App?
July 08, 2019
Why You Should Get Mobile App For Your Restaurant? If you are not sure, if you need to build a mobile app for your business, just think how the absence will affect your customers. If you don’t have an app, your competition have an edge over you, and you may also miss out on reaching many of y....Read More
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How MunchEm is disrupting the on-demand food and delivery service Industry?
July 08, 2019
orlando, florida – in the usa alone, hundreds of food and grocery delivery services like ubereats, grubhub, doordash, postmates, instacart, doorstep delivery etc. are competing to be the dominant player. if you add to that individual restaurants or groceries offering their own delivery servic....Read More
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I got 99 problems, but some food would be Boss!
July 08, 2019
09/15/2015  Written by C.Z. Reeder “I got 99 problems but a girl ain’t one,” infamous lyrics written by the lyrically sound Jay Z have been heard worldwide. It speaks to a lot of issues and I often wondered what problems jay-z could be speaking on. But then I couldn't help....Read More
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This day in Food History!!
July 08, 2019
                       By: C.Z. Reeder                      2/23/2016 Black History month is celebrated throughout the United States as a way to pay homage to the brilliant Bl....Read More
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How to use OrderEm Powerful Features?
July 08, 2019
MunchEm, Inc.         Tips and Tricks How to use a few of our powerful features Edit Menu Items You can update menu items and options, change prices, and even create new dishes at any time. Open the OrderEm app and tap the menu in the top right corner. Choose ‘My Menu,&rsq....Read More
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Online Ordering Advantages
July 08, 2019
Online Ordering will bring in Larger Orders Have you ever been so busy at your restaurant that you forget to up-sell to the customer on the phone? The truth is that your employees likely forget to do it whenever the 'boss' isn't hanging around. When a customer places an order online you....Read More
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Will Same-Day Last-Mile Delivery Work For Walmart?
July 08, 2019
Wednesday June 8th, 2016   Retailers are increasingly looking to on-demand delivery services to get their products to consumers faster than ever. The latest such announcement comes from Walmart, who has partnered with Uber and Lyft to offer last mile delivery to custome....Read More
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How can MunchEm help with corporate events and lunches?
July 08, 2019
Whether you are organizing a holiday reception, employee appreciation lunch, executive dinner, or summer outing, MunchEm brings a personal touch to your event. Our new Group Order feature is the easiest, fastest way to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want. Here’s how it works:  Pla....Read More
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Keep Calm Food is Coming!
July 08, 2019
written by: c.z.reeder   8/17/2015 i have had my days where i am just over everything. life, people, and work, it can all be stressful. what perks me up the most, keeps me going, and stirs my senses, food! i can never get enough and so i share in that common thought process that plagues us mul....Read More
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What's for Dinner dog?!
July 08, 2019
 What's for Dinner Dog?! Written by: C.Z. REEDER 10-26-15 Dogs. Man’s best friend and considered his most valuable ally when it comes to life. Dogs do a lot of things like humans, so much so that sometimes people raise them like their own babies. They are spirited, chill, they get you....Read More
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Richard Bagdonas joins MunchEm Board of Advisors
July 08, 2019
Date: Sep 18, 2015 MunchEm a leading solution provider to restaurants, today announced Richard Bagdonas has joined the company’s Board of Advisors.  “We are thrilled to have such an accomplished and influential expert join the MunchEm board,” said Prasad Vemulapalli, foun....Read More
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Affliated Vs Non Affiliated
July 08, 2019
AFFILIATED : MunchEm is Affiliated with these restaurants. You only pay delivery fees of $3.99 or less with these restaurants. NONAFFILIATED - MunchEm is not Affiliated with these restaurants. You pay delivery fees of $3.99 plus convenience Fees with these restaurants. How does this work? We deliver....Read More
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Solution - Why Facebook Ordering is not shown on mobile devices?
September 18, 2017
Solution - Why the Facebook Ordering is not shown on mobiles? My Facebook Ordering does not show on mobile, what should I do? 1. When users open your Facebook page from mobiles, they do not see the ‘OrderNow' link. This is a limitation of Facebook: links to 3rd party applications (i.e., those develo....Read More
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