Make Delivery Manageable
Leverage Online Ordering

More and more businesses are choosing to offer delivery. Customers now expect their favorite restaurants to offer delivery options. With Delivery Management, you can enter the delivery space and manage your drivers effectively.
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Delivery Managenment

Leverage Online Ordering

Drivers are happier and more efficient with the right information at their fingertips. With just a top, we offer:

Mobile App For Drivers
Delivery Addresses
Order Details
Delivery Confirmation
Maps and Navigation
Contact Numbers and Delivery Instructions
DeliverEm Driver
Online Ordering
Online ordering allows your customers, kitchen, and drivers to connect instantly. When a customer places a delivery order online, your kitchen and drivers will have all the details immediately. Your staff can use our system to update or contact the customer, and you'll be able to customize order settings to change prices, limit delivery distance, and more. Online ordering is available for your website, custom app, Facebook page, or custom kiosk.
Delivery Online Ordering
Smart Driver Management
Leverage Online Orderin

We provide effective, efficient delivery management tools to manage your own delivery zones and drivers - so your customers can have delivery within minutes, not hours or days.

Smart Management
Flexible Delivery Zones/Settings
Your Custom App

Our flexible delivery zones allow you to maximize your appeal. Serve your nearby customers for a nice low price, or help a distant customer crush a craving for an additional fee.

Flexible Delivery Zones
Product Features
Product Features
customer data
Driver Payouts
View driver total trips, fees and tips per driver. Select any time period to accommodate your payroll procedures.
Do It Yourself
Driver Performance
Train Drivers to be more effective by analyzing claim times, pick-up times, confirmation times, and delivery times.
Website Ordering
Driver Reviews
Ensure quality delivery experience for your customers by monitoring reviews and customer feedback on their deliveries.
Order Management
Easily send your drivers a (SMS) text with a link to download DeliverEm to fulfill deliveries and allow delivery tracking.
Order Management App
Order Management App
Works seamlessly with OrderEm online ordering and content management platform.
Flexible Hosting
Add/Edit Drivers
Easily add and edit driver accounts. Save your drivers contact info and grant them permissions.