How To Close Your Restaurant Online In The Case of A Pandemic
Shanelle | April 08, 2020

Manage Restaurant Online Ordering During Pandemic


Due to the widespread effect of COVID-19, businesses across the country are having to make the hard decision to shut down their operations in order to comply with some federally mandated state-wide shut-ins. Restaurants who were previously able to operate at 50% capacity are now having to turn to delivery and takeout only, resulting in both a loss of revenue and job security for the employees who help keep them afloat. In other, it is important to prioritize the well being of your staff just like sustaining healthy a business. Here is an outline for precautions to take during the coronavirus pandemic. 

If your restaurant/business has to fall in line and you’re using online ordering through OrderEm, here’s a quick how-to on how to help you temporarily close down your online shop while the pandemic runs its course.


1. Enter “” into your web browser


The home page should look similar to the photo below and click “sign-in” over to the right side of the page to go into the backside of your restaurant/business’ website. Enter your login information (email & password) for access. (If you’re having trouble logging in, try resetting your password by using the “forgot password” button.)


2. Once you’ve logged in

Your screen should look like the one below. Your dashboard should pop up front and center and over on the left-hand side; you will see the name of your restaurant or business and a drop-down menu. Next, click the drop-down arrow on the location you wish to change the hours on and select “Hours.”

3. Once you’ve clicked “Hours”

You should see the screen below pop up. Click on “add Holiday Hours. From there, you can enter the name of the “holiday”--in this case, you could call it “Coronavirus Pandemic” and select the “closed all day” button. (If your business has multiple locations, you will need to click the “across all locations” button.) Once you’ve specified the specialty hours for the locations you wish, click “save changes” in order for them to apply.




4. Final Step 


If you need to close for multiple days, enter “from date” and “to date” so that you can close the restaurant for more than a day. This feature allows not only to close your restaurant for pandemic but for other reasons in the future, for example, vacation or any other unexpected causes that you may need to close the business for online orders. Once you have completed and saved your closing days and hours, it will now appear to customers when they visit your restaurant/business’ website or app. As you are entering the exact dates, when you go back to the regular schedule--you won’t need to make any changes because this feature automatically turns off after these defined closing days.


Please maintain the information accurately so that your customers can depend upon your website, online ordering, and apps when choosing your business online or offline. Digital orders and customer loyalty can increase if you learn to manage this properly.