Five Thanksgiving Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Silvia Flores | November 26, 2019


Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of the year to give thanks for the many restaurants using OrderEm software.

At OrderEm, we're grateful for wonderful customers like you!

Here are a few tips to make sure your business thrives during Thanksgiving, if you are open.

Top 5 Thanksgiving Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Create Specials and Coupons

Create Coupons or specials using OrderEm coupons. Bring your team together and start thinking about holiday-themed promotions, specials or events you’d like to offer to your customers.

Share Your Coupons or Specials on your Social Media Account

As your customers are preparing for the holiday, social media is a big way they communicate. Take advantage of this and promote your holiday specials, events and coupons. While you are at it, share with your customers your gratitude for them.

Special Menu

Time for you to create Thanksgiving or Holidays menu. Add Menu items to your regular menu such as Thanksgiving Menu. Thanks to OrderEm, your menu is dynamic and once imported will automatically show up on your website or app.

Grow your Instagram Followers and Engagement

Hold a contest on Instagram to show your customers how thankful you are for their loyalty. Ask them to share on Instagram what they are most thankful for by using your hashtag. This allows you to keep track of which customers use it to select your winner.

Give Back to the Community

Create a coupon code that you can share with non-profit organizations, schools or churches. Donate a portion of your sales to your favorite charity. It is a great time to not only help charities but also to become a strong part of the community by increasing your sales.

We hope these ideas help & don’t get to stuffed this Thanksgiving

From our OrderEm Family to Yours,