OrderEm All-in-One Restaurant Management Software - For your Busines

Prasad Vemulapalli | August 24, 2021

Restaurant owners have a huge responsibility to cater to. Have you faced issues in maintaining good taste, handling staff, accounts, etc.? When you are good at managing these, you can smoothly run your restaurant and reap profits.

You may make it easier by introducing a digital solution that can manage all your restaurant operations. The software reduces your task so that you can focus on building your business.  An all-in-one restaurant management software, will reduce your workload and make the day-to-day accounts easier to handle.

We can help you choose an all-in-one restaurant management software that can boost your restaurant sales:

Features to Include in Restaurant Management Software:

1. Custom App

The mobile phone has taken center stage when it comes to communicating as well as doing business. The millennials have made it an integral part of their lifestyle. Having understood this requirement, OrderEm plays a pivotal role in helping you create your Custom App for your restaurant business. 

The feature helps you put your business in the App Store as well as on Google Play with easy-to-use app-building tools. You can also create stunning apps without any coding knowledge. Some of the other features that need your attention and are provided by OrderEm include flexible payment options, push notifications, App only offers, loyalty programs, and managing multiple locations simultaneously.

2. Kiosks

Over the last couple of years, customers have been preferring a quick meal. A self-ordering kiosk gives customers the power to order and pay by themselves. This has largely helped them save time and also order at their convenience.

From a full-service restaurant to an online ordering one, kiosks seem like a natural fit. Restaurants are using this technology to streamline their takeout orders and reduce face-to-face contact with servers to enhance safety measures. Self-ordering kiosks will help your restaurants minimize wait times, improve order accuracy, and, most importantly, boost revenues. These are promising benefits that any restaurant can enjoy.

3. Managing Take-Aways

Takeaway orders have become an integral part of the restaurant business. Millennials prefer to order from their favorite restaurant and collect it on the go. The takeaway order has to be quick and prompt. The management software helps prepare and deliver the food item on time, which helps you retain the customer.

  • Real-time order management: You can create, edit, or delete orders whenever you want. Manage online payments and track the time taken, from the order placed to delivery of food items. The lesser time taken will reflect more customer satisfaction. 
  • Track order performance: You will be able to track the order from the kitchen to the delivery. This tracker can help you identify popular dishes for takeaway and the regular as well as repeated customers.
  • Quick receipt: This system will automate calculations of all your transactions. The invoices are generated by the software, which helps in calculating the accounts and transactions. The manual work will reduce as you can learn about your regular customers and the generated amount.
  • Phone access: It can be operated via your phone, which makes the whole process easy to handle.

4. Food Delivery Service

Delivering the food to the right customer at a short interval of time is the priority for every restaurant owner. Timely delivery of food is rated as the best customer service. OrderEm has DeliverEm features, which allow restaurant owners to manage the delivery with ease. The need to partner with a delivery agent is handled by DeliverEm. The software helps you to track the delivery agents on a single screen, and it lets you know when your customer receives it. This way, you can get instant feedback, too; after all, customer service is the way to boost your sales.

5. Kitchen Display System (KDS)

  • Manage orders:  KDS helps you manage the kitchen orders that saves the printing and paper costs. It prepares and updates quickly to notify the pending orders.
  • Modify the kitchen workflow: The KDS allows the take-aways and dine-in orders based on priority. You can customize the software for the kitchen staff to view.

6. Restaurant POS system

The kitchen and waiter staff should follow open communication. To make it convenient and easier, add the software that collects the customer order and sends it to the kitchen. Once the order is processed in the kitchen, the waiter staff can proceed with it for delivery. 

The POS system can track the most famous item in your menu to the number of orders processed. It displays your accounts for more straightforward calculations. 

The POS system also calculates profit and loss, including taxes. You can set your instructions accordingly.

The two types of restaurant POS systems:

  1. Traditional POS system
  2. Cloud-based POS system

The restaurant management software gives you access to the backend as well as the interface. You can customize the backend based on your needs, such as the prices based on availability, sales alerts, receipts, roles, and permissions.

7. Modifiers:

Modifiers are mainly used for two reasons. Firstly, it adds a note to the restaurant about the additional demand for the food items, and secondly, it will modify the price based on the respective modifiers. The list includes a pre-characterized arrangement that must be given to the kitchen or bar staff that are not listed on the menu. After adding these modifiers, you should always be aware of the customers’ final order.

When a customer orders a food item and adds some extras or modifiers such as cheese, sauce, etc, your software should reflect changes during placing an order. This will also reflect in your kitchen display system, making the kitchen staff aware of the order requirements. This adds up to your final pricing in the bill.

8. Alerts:

Every system is known to give trouble at some point in time. To cater to this, set up a system alert that will intimate you. You may customize price change, inventory, order processing, and sales per day via email or SMS. This software can track the whole operation of the restaurant. Set the alerts based on warning and criticality. This helps you run your business smoothly.

Bottom Line

A restaurant management software helps you to run your restaurant operations seamlessly. You can manage your staff, manage their shift, and also do an end-to-end service providing to your customer orders, both online and offline. Customers have gone the digital way for ease of managing food delivery. Hence the restaurant needs to be tech-savvy too to cater to the respective audience. Keeping your restaurant up to date with the latest technology should be your main focus. Good food, along with excellent service, is the mantra to run a successful restaurant business. Profits come your way when you offer a splendid service.