Solution - Why Facebook Ordering is not shown on mobile devices?
Ricky Rodriguez | September 18, 2017

My Facebook Ordering does not show on mobile, what should I do?  

1.When users open your Facebook page from mobiles, they do not see the ‘OrderNow' link.

This is a limitation of Facebook: links to 3rd party applications (i.e., those developed not by Facebook) are not shown on the Pages from mobiles. It affects all applications, not just your business.So when you access Facebook page from a mobile (and Facebook considers iPhones, iPads and Android tablets as mobile devices), you will not see a link to your online ordering. Furthermore, if you try to open Online Ordering directly on Facebook in a mobile browser, it will display page not found error.

At present it is technically not possible to display standard Facebook tab applications on mobiles. We have to live with this restriction until Facebook changes it. Therefore, unfortunately we don't have a mobile version of the Facebook app. Yet, we can offer you a work around, to help your customers using Online Ordering directly from Facebook page.
To get your Online store visible on mobile devices in Facebook, please follow the steps below:
1)Go to and login with your email and password.

2)Go to Your Location ->Online Ordering Integration Page and copy the URL from Call The URL


3)Go to your Facebook page and click "+ Add a button"

 Add a Button

->Make a Purchase or Donation

->Shop Now

->Use the URL from the website

Then your customers will be able to reach your online store disregarding the limitations of mobile Facebook.