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OrderEm's Loyalty program can attract customers and encourage them to keep coming back for more. Boosting your customer retention by just 5%, using the customer loyalty programs, could increase revenue by 25 to 95%!

Loyalty Management Increases Sales

EmPowered Loyalty and Marketing Pricing

Custom Loyalty Website
In-Store loyalty
Online loyalty
Code/Barcode scanning from point of sale
Enroll customers using your POS
URL text sign up
Product/Discount redemption
Gather customer data for email campaigns/text campaigns
In-app loyaltyX
Customized app content pageX
Push notification campaignsX
Weekly social media managementXX
Local SEO managementXX
SEO auditsXX
Webmaster & analytics managementXX
Appstore optimizationXX
Email campaign managementX
Coupon campaign managementX
PPC management (Google Ads and Facebook Ads)XX
Monthly meeting
One-Time Setup and Development TimeTwo resources/One monthFour resources/One month Five resources/One month
Ongoing maintenance and support2 hours/week4 hours/week6 hours/week
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    Free project discovery and design before deposit is due. Once agreed for development, a non-refundable deposit is required to get the work started by our development team. Deposit will count as credit to be applied to total project costs

  • **

    Our maintenance and hosting fees to store your customer and loyalty data is included with the maintenance fees.

Loyalty for Website, App and More!

Send email campaigns and create content pages on your website that incentivise users to opt in to your program. Use push notifications to remind users of how close they are to redeeming their points.

Sell more with BOGO offers
Boost sales with cross-sell

Easy User Sign-Up

A sign up process is important when designing a loyalty program. You can onboard customers simply by entering a phone # to send them a URL by SMS. They can also scan a QR Code or visit the signup page on their browser.

Redemption Methods Matter

Use the right redemption method that matches your business model. Choose to award discounts or allow the user to receive specific products.

  • Points earned from purchasing can be used as payment for an order

  • Points can be exchanged for specific products that you pick

Sell more with BOGO offers
Boost sales with cross-sell

Loyalty Integrated

Keep all your data flowing seamlessly through multiple channels. Use EmPOS or Clover.

Use EmPOS, our premier point of sale system, designed with the customer experience and merchant operations in mind.

Reduce platform switching and increase checkout efficiency

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Build a Customer Loyalty Program

OrderEm wants to assist and protect the innovative business owners, preserve their company growth with technology and tools so that innovative businesses can serve and strengthen our communities.


1Leverage Existing APIs, backend services and databases to store your customer data to accelerate development and mitigate costs
2Showcase Your Brand front end to custom design so that your loyalty enhances your brand, logo and colors along with your custom loyalty program you choose to implement.
3Collaborate with our team that’ll work closely with your’s to ensure your complete satisfaction of design, functionality and implementation.
4Capture More Market Share with our omni-channel approach. Engage more users on your website, in-store (Point Of Sale), your self service kiosk, custom app and more.
5Have Peace of Mind with our low-risk project management. Free project discovery and design; only pay a 25% deposit when you are ready to engage our developers. No contracts!