Merchants/Merchant FAQs

Q. How do I get my restaurant signed up?

Setup, Publish and Manage Your Online Ordering


Once Signed up, make sure to verify your email and SignIn to OrderEm 

Username: email used during sign up.

Password: XXXXXX (password that was created during your signup.)

Use Get Help from the dashboard or watch our Tutorial Videos for additional information.

Q. How will I receive orders?

Our default method is the OrderEm app (Download from App Store or Google Play Store), which can be installed on an internet connected, Android or iOS tablet. With this app, you can view order details, confirm orders, update expected completion times, track deliveries, check payment statuses, and more.

You can also receive orders through automated phone calls, fax messages, emails, or on any computer by accessing We prefer you set up two or more methods (just in case your fax runs out of paper or you don't see the email, etc.). If you’d like, we can also send free text message alerts to let you know when you've received an order.

Q. What is OrderEm?

OrderEm platform allows you to build online-ordering and order management solutions for your food service business (also a great fit for grocers, retail stores, marketing companies, graphic design companies and delivery services). With OrderEm, you can build a custom website or app, or add online ordering directly to your existing website and/or Facebook desktop page.

In addition, OrderEm allows you to manage your orders from any computer or smartphone (Android or iOS) through or the OrderEm app. The OrderEm API is built upon the Software as a Service (SAAS) concept.

Q. Why should I go with OrderEm?

OrderEm is a simple, no-risk solution to many common challenges in the food service industry. Our system is designed to increase business, reduce customer wait times, and help your restaurant build its brand in an increasingly tech-savvy world. If you don’t already have an app or website, or if you’d like to allow your customers to choose their favorite delivery service on your site, you’ll find lots of value in OrderEm as it is the most cost-effective way to fill those gaps.

If you believe in offering the best possible experience to your customers, the better question is: Why wouldn't you? We built OrderEm with convenience as a highest priority for customers, merchants, and delivery services. In addition, joining OrderEm automatically gets you listed in the MunchEm network allowing customers to find your restaurant along with being able to compare delivery prices from multiple services.

With our competitive subscription based pricing structure, you can offer all of this while being profitable (though we also offer very reasonable order-based pricing for those who prefer not to pay a monthly fee). Our goal is to connect hungry customers with merchants while making the decision and ordering process as seamless as possible.

Q. How much does it cost?

Check out the details on our pricing page.

We also help restaurants/chains and other business models with custom development needs! For more information on custom development, contact us at for more information.

Q. How do I get paid?

You choose how your customers can pay – You may allow them to pay in-person, online, or both.

If you only accept in-person payments, we will keep track of your orders and automatically bill you for our services.

If you allow your customers to pay online, they’ll pay you via a select Payment Processor that you choose. The charges will deposit into the merchant account you register with the payment processing company. Please note that you are subject to applicable processing fees.

Q. I already have a website, but it doesn’t allow online ordering? Do I have to get a new website?

No, if you’re happy with your current website, you can keep it and simply add online ordering. You can also download the HTML code on any web page you may have access to so you can expand your reach.

Q. Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! You can use any Internet domain registrar to register your domain. Once registered, we can connect your own domain name with our cloud servers where we can host your website for free.

Q. Is my website built by OrderEm Mobile Optimized?

Yes! Our sites are designed for both desktop and mobile browsers in mind.

Q. Can I get Ordering on my Facebook Page?

Yes, integration is a simple process done from your dashboard.

Q. Do I need to upload my restaurant menus?

For a $29 fee per restaurant, our team will upload and configure restaurant menus and settings for you. You are welcome to enter your menu and other info for free. If you are a Clover or POSsible POS merchant, you simple click a button to import your existing menu.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.

Q. Why do I need an app for my restaurant?

Mobile apps are essential for reaching customers who use mobile devices on a daily basis. Even if you have a website, you may be missing out on bringing customers who would love to use an app to order from your restaurant. You can directly communicate promotions to your customers that have your app without extra marketing costs.

Q. How much do you charge to create a custom app?

It’s included in your monthly price. If you need custom development or functionality, contact us at for a quote.


Q. How is payment processing managed by MunchEm/OrderEm?

MunchEm and OrderEm can accept payments using multiple payment processing companies. MunchEm/OrderEm does not save payment information. When a payment is processed, card information is encrypted and sent to a select payment processor.  

Merchants need to ensure that they have received the payment in their payment processing system before rendering any services/products. If they have not received payment in to their account, they should immediately bring this to MunchEm attention for any issues related to code to be addressed. If Merchant identifies any issues, they should unpublish the restaurant till MunchEm ensures the bug is fixed. If a payment is missing from their payment processing account, MunchEm is not liable for any services rendered/products purchases that a customer has not paid for.

It is responsibility of the merchant to check the payment received.

MunchEm system sometimes may accept payment if primary system fails. If this happens, Merchant can only the claim the amount received by MunchEm. 

Q. How does 3rd Party Delivery Integration Work?

Merchants can utilize PostMates as a 3rd Party Delivery service and assign delivery orders that they receive through the OrderEm platform to a PostMates driver.

To utilize this integration, Merchants would need to sign up and create their own account as a partner through PostMates. The PostMates Customer Id and Production Key would need to be entered in OrderEm 3rd Party Delivery Settings.

Each delivery would be charged a fee according to PostMates Api Pricing.

Q. Why does subscription billing begin immediately?

As soon as you sign up, a dedicated account representative and technical help is assigned to your account to help you prepare your site so you'll be getting value from day one.

Q. Does OrderEm offer email hosting?

No, but you can easily create your own custom email address with Microsoft Office 365 or Google for Business.

Q. Are hosted OrderEm websites are secure?

Our websites use a 128-bit encryption for guaranteed security. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is enabled on your website checkout page.

Q. Are websites created mobile friendly?

Yes. Every all websites created are mobile friendly and responsive, ensuring your customer website experience adjusts according to the device they are using.

Q. What if I want to change my design or make revisions to my website/app?

OrderEM platform provide tools to make changes to both content, menu, food pictures and functional features at any time. you will not be limited to two or three rounds of revisions when you are using your our OrderEm tool. You can make the changes dynamically as many as times as you need regularly.