5 Facts About Florida Restaurants You May Not Know

Prasad Vemulapalli | February 10, 2021


1. Florida is the 4th largest state by the number of restaurants



With 41,366 restaurants operating in Florida, Florida is the 4th largest state in the US by the number of restaurants. According to the National Restaurant Association, the only three US states that have more restaurants are California (76,201), New York (50,153), and Texas (48,064). Among the smallest US states by the number of restaurants are Wyoming, Vermont, and Alaska. In many cases, the restaurant concentration in one or another state is influenced by the state’s population and tourist attractions. 

2. An average household in Miami spends $6,304 per year on food



According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Miami residents spend 11% of their income on food. Thus, an average household in Miami spends $6,304 on food per year. Of this amount, $2,350 is spent on food away from home. Spending in Miami is low for sugar, and other sweets and nonalcoholic beverages. Conversely, Miami residents spend more than the national average on chicken, fish, seafood, and rice. Interestingly, one of the largest cities in the US by food expenditures is also located in Florida - Tampa. Tampa residents spend 15.3% of their income on food, beating all other surveyed cities but Honolulu, HI. 

3. TOP 3 Food Hubs in Florida are Miami, Orlando, and Tampa



The five largest cities in Florida by the number of foodservice establishments, according to Yelp, are Miami (4,501), Orlando (2,714), Tampa (2,372), Jacksonville (1,566), and Cape Coral (1,420). While Miami has the greatest number of restaurants in Florida, Florida is unique in the sense that its restaurants are distributed all around the state and not concentrated in one major city, such as NYC restaurants in New York. This pattern roughly follows the population distribution in Florida. 

4. Cuban cuisine is 757% more popular in Florida than in other states on average



According to HuffPost, the five most popular cuisines in Florida are Cuban, Caribbean, Peruvian, Latin, and Spanish. The Cuban cuisine is 757% more popular in Florida compared to the national average. Among popular Cuban dishes are Cuban Shrimp Creole, Medianoche, and Picadillo. The Caribbean cuisine is 286% more prevalent in Florida than in the US. Among famous Caribbean dishes are Mofongo, La Bandera, and Conch Fritters. The Peruvian cuisine, which is 264% more popular in Florida than the national average, is famous for such dishes as Lomo Saltado, Aji De Gallina, and Cuy.  

5. Roughly one out of eight people in Florida work in food service



More than a million people in Florida work in foodservice, representing 12% of the state employment. This is relatively high compared to other states such as New York (9%), Massachusetts (9%), and even California (11%). Furthermore, the foodservice employment in Florida is projected to grow by 14.1% by 2029, according to the National Restaurant Association

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