Valentine Day Promotion ideas for your restaurant

Silvia Flores | February 14, 2020


It may seem like the holiday season is over, but don't forget that Valentine's day is just around the corner. It's the 2nd most popular holiday to dine out after Mother's Day. Get a head start so that you can maximize your profit and be prepared for giving your customers the best experience ever. This year Valentine's day falls on Friday so be prepared for having Valentine's specials all weekend long. 

You may have already started preparing, but if not, we are here to help with some ideas.

Promoting Through Google My Business (Valentine Promotion Restaurant)

Google My Business is one of the best tools to market your business for free, you can post events and promotions about your products. Additionally, Google allows your post to be featured every time someone types your brand’s name on the search engine. As a result, you are able to attract existing clients or bring new clients on board.

Here are some examples of well-crafted Valentines Day Restaurant Promotions from Google My Business

1. Use Promo Codes in your posts they will boost awareness and shareability


This is a perfect example of an eye-catching Google My business post; However, you must embed the right URL in your post. Therefore, it is important to have an interactive sales process with a Valentine’s Day Theme.

2. Promote Valentine’s Day Food Promotion to the right target audience


Although Hungry Howie’s is a fast-food chain, they promote valentine day themed food promotions. Similarly, it is essential to promote deals and discounts with holiday-themed food. As a result, this will create a Unique Selling Proposition for your restaurant, allowing you to have a competitive edge over other restaurants.

3. Encourage Reservations on your Restaurant Search Engine & Social Media



Promoting reservations are essential for your Valentine’s day strategy! Therefore, it is important to create a marketing strategy to reach out to your target audience (couples) which can be executed in a variety of ways

SEO Keyword Tactics

Create & Optimize Valentine’s day themed blogs on your website to rank for coveted keywords like:

  1. “Valentine’s day food promotion”
  2. “Best restaurants for Valentine’s day “
  3. “Best date restaurants in Los Angeles” or local area
  4. “Romantic restaurants near me” 
  5. “Valentine’s day restaurant near me”

These are just examples of keywords you could rank for during Valentine’s day. However, It is crucial to rank the right content that’s relevant with these keywords. Thus, reaching the right target audience and ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

  • Additional information on producing the right content to match your keywords

Important Criteria from the National Restaurant Association


1. It's the favorite restaurant of one partner

It is important to surprise your partner or discover something new based on their taste. This is the thought your consumer has when looking for a place to dine; how are they going to surprise their partner? What restaurants have the greatest reviews and seem the most suited for this occasion. Therefore, you must be able to adapt and improve your service beforehand. Thus, you will receive the attention and easily attract customers.

Ways to do this

  • Improve your existing menu options and identify flagship items these are the items that sell the most and produce the most profit; therefore, it is important to have an Online Online Ordering Tool that can gather your menu analytics. Hence, which is what OrderEm offers; a clean interface that will record your sales and analyze which items are selling the most. 

2. The atmosphere is romantic.


The picture above illustrates the perfect example of how to set-up the perfect romantic environment for your customers. Ultimately, you want your customers to enjoy themselves, by providing the right ambiance which involves decorations, music, and even themed uniforms! These elements combined are what make the experience unforgettable. As a result, many of your customers will post on their social media about your restaurant(
3. Prepare your Staff

So how do we prepare our staff? What steps do we need to take to provide the best customer experience? See all these questions is what haunts many restaurant owners during holidays. Accordingly, restaurant owners must create a strategy based on research and other restaurant trends to shape their planning effectively. 

Tips to Prepare your Staff 

  • Get enough people to staff (in case of emergencies or unexpected setbacks)
  • Familiarize your employees with sales & promotions 
  • Host teamwork training (roleplay or simulated environments)
  • Create Goals (this encourages incentives and promotes teamwork)


Consider these ideas to spice up your restaurant for the weekend: 

  • The look of your restaurants with just a few critical touches to the table. For example, offering candles and rose petals as a centerpiece. Even just a single red rose at the center of the table does wonders. These little details will make a massive difference with the mood and ambiance of the restaurant. 
  • Festive items for this particular day, make sure to think outside of the box. Your customers don’t just want the same old same old. They’ve been there done that. But once your menu is done, there are a few ways to have your ideas exposed to your customers. Let your customers know what you have created to give them a lasting memory for years to come through your social media and emails to your loyal customers. Make sure to add pictures of the dishes and the setup you are arranging for this day.
  • A special to-go menu for the couples who want to spend some quiet time home enjoying each other’s company or for the romantic’s that enjoy a picnic dinner under the stars. Let your customers be creative with your help. 

It is never to early to prepare. You and your customers will be glad you did.