Reseller FAQS

Reseller FAQs

1. Why do I want to resell for MunchEm?

You can leverage our Premiere Online Ordering Platform to add value to your existing and prospect merchants especially those in the restaurant industry. I.e. Website Ordering, Facebook Ordering, Custom App Ordering, Delivery Logistic Software and more…

OrderEm – Includes complete logistics for restaurant online order platform for merchant apps, online ordering, Facebook Ordering, Loyalty and Delivery Logistics. You can customize your branding, customize your app, manage your menu, hours, order/pickup/delivery/catering settings and more.

DeliverEm – provides ability to assign delivery orders to drivers, track drivers, and manage driver performance. Create your own delivery zones, delivery settings and deliveries to be managed by your driver employees or 3rd party drivers.


2. How do I sign up for the reseller program?

Go to Once you provide your contact info, a representative will reach out and guide you through the signup process. Once you are approved, you will be issued a reseller code and access to reseller dashboard where you can track your earnings.


3. What is the criteria for accepting reseller?


Minimum 18 years of age Legally allowed to work in US

Proof of experience selling to restaurants/merchants Minimum of High School Diploma

Good communication skills

*No Employees of MunchEm are eligible for this


4. How can I track my commissions?

You will be able to track and review your monthly commissions through OrderEm reseller dashboard.


5. Can I refer other resellers to OrderEm?

Yes. You will also be entitled to bonuses according to our compensation plan.


6. Do I get residual income from selling OrderEm products?

Yes. You will also be entitled to bonuses according to our compensation plan.


7. What are the advantages of selling OrderEm?

You can upsell to your existing clients

You can onboard new clients that are looking for online ordering software and mobile apps for generating more revenue

Earn commissions for selling to your existing merchants

Earn residual bonuses by referring to other resellers


8. I own a payment processing company, can you integrate with my payments?

OrderEm is open to integrations with new payment processing partners if they have the ability integrate with OrderEm API or ability to receive orders/payments through their API


9. I own POS system, can you integrate with my POS software?

OrderEm is open to integrations with new partners only if they have Cloud API or interested to integrate with Cloud API to receive orders/payments.


10. What fees can I charge restaurants for online ordering?

OrderEm Products Pricing is fixed when it comes to Products and services provided by MunchEm/OrderEm. What you charge for your hardware or your services that you provide to the restaurant is completely up to you.


11. Do you provide support?

If something comes up that you can't handle regarding the OrderEm platform, just let us know and we'll be happy to help. That said, we do provide full access for you (and your restaurants) so that they can self-serve and manage everything themselves at all times. Support can be reached at and 407.996.6666.


12. Do we have to setup the restaurant?

Our system is easy and simple. We expect merchants to handle the setup of the restaurant but we can assist you or the merchant when you have any questions using our software. Please go to our instructional tutorial videos that may help you.


13. What do I need to set up a restaurant?

Merchants can sign up at We recommend that you guide a prospect merchant through the sign up process using your personal reseller page provided by OrderEm or have them include your reseller code in the referred by box to insure you can earn residual commissions.?


14. What does a restaurant need to do to start getting online orders?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Add a big online ordering link/button to their main website (if they have one)
  • Update their Google Places listing / map info with links to their online ordering
  • Post the link on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Print up flyers/banners/signage to post around their restaurant
  • Add the online ordering link to their menus, especially any takeout menus
  • Get business cards printed up with their online ordering link and drop it in takeout bags 
  • Incentivize customers to order online with a 10% off coupon for their first online order.



Hardware questions

What Device does the OrderEm App run on?

The OrderEm App can be installed from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store on most Android or iOS devices. MunchEm will only support certified devices. You can recommend a Hardware Provider to MunchEm to get certified so that our merchants can use to print the online ordering receipts directly to the kitchen.

All the menu, orders, delivery zones, and settings of your merchant’s online store is can be easily managed by OrderEm App or, which you can access using any browser.


Can I use multiple devices at the same time?

Yes. You can install the OrderEm App on multiple devices. OrderEm is cloud based so all the data across the devices is automatically synchronized.


Can I sell my own devices, printers and other hardware?

You may sell any hardware. We can only offer support to hardware we certify and we charge fees. If you don’t need any support, you are free to purchase any devices that you like and install the OrderEm app.