Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Restaurant/Retailer Should Have

Prasad Vemulapalli | January 01, 2020


Happy New Year From OrderEm Team


While you make a list of personal New Year’s resolutions, why not do the same for your business? A new year is the best time to set up new goals to take your business to the next level. For every business owner or corporation, January is the best time to assess the business past year while looking ahead at the next 365 days. It’s an opportunity for you to set your business a new set of goals to reach new heights.

  • Setting New Year’s goals for your restaurant or retail business not only forces you to think about how you want it to grow, but it requires you to consider the steps you need to take in order to accomplish these goals.

Restaurants or retail stores exist primarily in the SMB marketplace and work hard every day to acquire loyal customers who become repeat customers.  In addition, they are always working to acquire new customers whom they hope will become loyal repeat customers.

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1. Your Website Provides Online Ordering

Get Your Website With Online Ordering

Consumers are Looking Online for Places to eat or to Order from; If you don’t provide a website for Online Ordering, prospective customers will go somewhere else. Having Online Ordering on your Website and Facebook is an essential component of your sales funnel because it Functions as the conversion point for your Marketing efforts. For a large segment of Consumers, they search now first on Facebook for business and Restaurants before searching elsewhere. So having the ability for a Restaurant to Provide and Promote their Online Ordering Service through their Facebook site will increase both consumer ordering and marketing / promotional opportunities.

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2. Promotes Larger Orders

A digital menu presents your food or items in a shopping manner that encourages your customers to quickly add items to their cart, which typically leads to larger order sizes. Also, appetizer impulse-buying is far more common in online orders compared to phone orders; this is especially true when ordering for groups.

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3. Increasing Sales

A digital dish or product listing can be customized for optional size upgrades, premium substitutions, up-charged toppings, and condiments, all to increase your sales. Also, prospective customers can take their time to review the Online possibilities and then customize a larger meal and thus spending more. The platform you use should have BOGO and Cross-Sell features that you can set

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4. Increase Repeat Business

Increase Loyalty & Repeat Business

Online Ordering platforms can provide the technology for you to increase your database and thus enable you to better increase your Online Marketing Strategy by enabling you to increase your customer loyalty by staying in touch better with your customers across multiple channels and to better reach out through text messaging, email marketing, as well as mobile app, push notification marketing.

5. Improved Automated Order Taking – Let us Count the Ways

Stop missing Orders because of Missed Phone calls due to a Busy Line or Unanswered calls. Besides, the staff has more time to take care of customers at the restaurant better. The result is that your Online Ordering platform effectively acts as a high-end digital staff that can handle any order volume.

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6. Improved Communications


  • Orders Not Lost or incorrect due to poor phone calls resulting from a bad connection or a noisy restaurant. Also because Online Ordering leaves a digital footprint it increases the accuracy of orders resulting in higher satisfaction of customers
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7. More Security of Payments

Clover POS Square POS and Point Of Sale System Integrations

Eliminating payment over the phone or by fax more important than ever before. A Secure Website or App offers a Trustworthy outlet for customers. With OrderEm you can use your existing payment processor which includes Clover retailers or Square retailers. 

8. Update, Change and Promote Menu Specials

Conveniently you are Now able to Update and Change your menu as needed as well as to change Prices and then to Promote to your database for their benefit.

9. Inform Visually

 Now, wherever your customers are when they view your menu on your website, Facebook Site or on your own Branded App they can view pictures of your food items or your retail products which always increased orders.

10. Promote – Promote – Promote -

Your Restaurant can have the Best Web Site, FaceBook Site and Branded App but if your existing Customer Base and New Customers Do Not Know that you have them then How Much Business Do You Expect from your Technology Investment? So to get a good to great ROI then –

A.Have Your Staff encouraged and rewarded for Promoting your Online Ordering Platform to all customers.

B.Develop a Rewards / Loyalty Program for your customers via an App Platform like OrderEm

C.Be sure to Promote your Online Ordering Platform on all forms of advertising such as Print, Radio, and TV

D.Provide BOGO and Cross-Sell opportunities for customers who bring in Friends and Family to the Restaurant and Download your Branded App

E.Provide Review opportunities

F.Promote Online via Social Media/SEO

Are you still not sure how to do this? Check our site and empowered marketing to consider OrderEm as a solution to take your business to next level.


We are of course Huge Believers Smart Technology when it comes to the Restaurant and Retail world and we invested heavily on our platform to make this a reality for making successful SMBs grow beyond. We hope this New Year blog can help promote you to gain more Repeat and New Business that can take your business to the next level.