Frequently Asked Questions

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Order management FAQs

What is order management?
Order management is a way of tracking each order. It starts with the customer placing an order and ends when the package is delivered. A business can coordinate the entire order fulfillment process from collection, inventory to deliverability. To know more about the OrderEm Order Management System,
Why is order management important?
The Order Management System (OMS) automates the process that controls costs and generates revenue. With an omni-channel environment, it reduces manual errors and gives customers a seamless buying experience. By updating your customers throughout the ordering process, you can create a great customer experience that can boost revenue and retention.
How does order management work?
Order management begins right after a customer places an order. Orders are received, processed and are either picked up or delivered.
How can my business benefit from order management?
The whole ordering process is automated which saves costs on manual labor, gives error-free order data, and invoices. It increases your data security without manual intervention.
Creating a centralized OMS gives you a single view of the complex e-commerce sales process. It also ensures your product and payment data are up to date. It provides your business with more insight into the current state of the market.
How does order management increase customer satisfaction?
The most crucial aspect of order management is customer satisfaction. It is designed to deliver the product to the customer in a faster way, without mistakes and giving a more personalized experience. With regular updates and prompt delivery, your customer will have a great buying experience.
Does OrderEm support delivery-from-store, or pick-up in-store?
Yes, OrderEm supports omni channel order management allowing you to set up your business to sell any type of order setting from delivery to pickup, curbside pickup to drive thru and more as to fulfillment sources. For more information click here to find out.
How are taxes managed?
You can set up sale tax as per your choice to apply wholesale order tax or give individual item tax. So, while the customer places an order it will calculate tax charges according to your mentioned tax.
Can I set up auto printing orders when received?
Yes, OrderEm allows you to set up auto printing orders. Just enable receive through OrderEm app option while setting up order type delivery or pickup or curbside etc. And login to the OrderEm app to set up your bluetooth printer or star printer via LAN or USB or Bluetooth, get printed automatically whenever order notification is received.

Delivery management FAQs

What is delivery management?
Delivery management is the function of applying processes to ensure goods are effectively and efficiently transferred from one location to the next. Sometimes called dispatch or fleet management, it answers the question, “How do we get this item from point A to point B?” To know more about our Delivery Management click here.
What is a delivery management system?
AA delivery management system or software can be defined as a platform that digitalizes core logistics operations like dispatching, task allocation, vehicle tracking, route planning and more.
What are the top benefits of delivery management systems to customers?
Implementing a delivery management system is absolutely imperative when it comes to generating delightful delivery experiences, especially at a time when the Amazon effect is transforming the way people want to get things delivered. An advanced delivery management system allows customers to change time and location at their convenience. An advanced delivery management system accurately predicts ETAs so that customers are available for their deliveries.
How can I manage delivery orders?
Our DeliverEm app is available in both the apple and google play store. You can add your drivers through the OrderEm system users page to your delivery areas to find out more. Your drivers have to login to the DeliverEm app and check-in to the delivery areas to receive delivery orders notification and deliver the orders.
Is there an option for me to assign orders to drivers?
Yes, you can assign orders to drivers in the OrderEm app. Next to order details you can see Assign Driver, just click on that option and you get a list of your driver names with their availability status. Tab on the driver name order will assign him/ her to deliver.
Do I have to regularly assign the delivery orders to drivers to get orders delivered?
No, you do not need to assign the delivery orders regularly to drivers. Whenever delivery orders are placed we send notifications to the drivers who are available. They can claim the order by clicking on the notification and tab on the Assign to Me option.
Is there an option to set up delivery charges to pay the drivers?
Yes, when adding a driver, Delivery Charge is one of the options. There are several options to set up delivery charges: per day, per delivery, per hour or per mile. The drivers can also be paid a salary or take a percentage of the delivery charge. The charges will automatically calculate their earnings after successfully completing the delivery order.
How to check my drivers performance?
Login to the OrderEm website and go to the Driver’ tab under your business name which is on the left side tree structure panel. Select the performance option at the top and the time period that you want to retrieve the driver’s performance data. You can check individual drivers’ performance data by selecting the driver’s name from the dropdown or check all driver’s performance of the selected time period.
How do I know that customers have received their order?
In the DeliverEm app, we offer a signature option to complete the order. Have your drivers ask for the customers signature while handing over the order. This provides proof that the customer received their order.
Do you provide the option for drivers to call the business before picking up the order or the customer before delivering the order?
Yes, there is a phone symbol-like option near the order details page and a customers name on the order details page. Drivers can click on that symbol and automatically make a call to the customer or restaurant.
Do you allow the driver to track the customer's address on a map to deliver the order?
Yes, the driver can view the customer’s address with a real-time GPS tracking location system in maps.
How do I know when drivers are checking in/out of the DeliverEm App?
Whenever a driver checks in/out of the DeliverEm app, you will automatically get a notification through the OrderEm app. You can also check the delivery areas by going to delivery area tabs on the left side tree structure panel of the OrderEm website. Click on your added delivery area name and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the checked in driver’s names.
How do I add a delivery area?
Login to the OrderEm website and go to the delivery areas tab which is on top of your business name on the left side tree structure panel. Click on Add Delivery Area option and fill out all required details and save. For more help click here .

Customer management FAQs

What is customer management?
Customer management is defined as the process of managing the relationship between an organization, its people and its customers over time.
Why is customer management important?
For sustained success, it is important for companies to align their customer strategy with the company’s aims and objectives. The profitability of a business depends on its ability to identify, grow and retain profitable customers. This can be achieved through combining a deep understanding of customer needs, behaviors and value, with the ability to engage specific customers in the optimal way at various touch points. In addition, this enables the company to optimize customer satisfaction and develop a relationship of trust with its customers.
How does AI improve customer experience?
AI can extract and aggregate customer data, then analyze that data to provide actionable insights for improving the customer experience. AI-driven algorithms can record a customer’s email browsing data and web experience to understand how they interact with your messaging. AI can also help to streamline the customer journey and improve personalization.
Who Can Benefit from CRM?
The best part about a CRM system is that almost any organizational unit can benefit from it — from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development. Good CRM software delivers a better way to manage external relationships.
Storing all customer information in one place, recording service issues, identifying sales opportunities, managing marketing campaigns — these are just a few capabilities that CRM features.
Since CRM provides easy access to data, it is also much easier for users to collaborate on different processes and increase productivity. CRM is suitable for businesses of any size. To know more about our CRM benefits click here.
What is the difference between customer service and customer experience?
In terms of customer service, your organization would support customers in a way that aligns with your company’s commitments. Perhaps it might be responding to concerns or questions. In contrast, the customer experience covers every interaction that connects consumers to your brand. For instance, the layout of your physical stores, the colors used on your website, and more.
How can I add my customer data into CRM to maintain?
Go to the customer management option which is on the left side tree structure panel of your OrderEm account and click on add customer option to fill out all necessary details of customer and don’t forget to save before finalizing the details to maintain and manage your customer relationship. For more help click here to know.
When a customer wants to buy instore products with loyalty. How can I check and fulfill their requirements?
When a customer visits your store and wants to buy with their loyalty points just scan their QR code by asking them to open your app and go to their profile. Or check with details of customers to search in your customer management to view their loyalty points and place their order.

Loyalty management FAQs

What is Loyalty management?
Loyalty management can loosely be defined as the strategy, tools, and tactics that your company acquires, engages, and retains customers. It helps your brand target the right audience and then provide benefits, experiences, and rewards that drive long-term engagement. To know more details about our loyalty management system click here.
What is customer loyalty and retention?
Customer loyalty is the likelihood that a customer will choose your brand over the competition. Loyalty can be measured by a combination of order volume, order frequency, and the duration over which a customer buys from your brand.
Customer retention is the strategy of building loyalty with customers and giving them a reason to consistently choose to buy from you instead of exploring other options.
What is a loyalty management system?
Loyalty Management Software refers to a web-based program that businesses use to manage their customer loyalty programs. Businesses can use it to identify (potential) repeat customers and encourage them to buy more by giving them gift cards, coupons, and other incentives.
Loyalty Management Software may include a number of features depending on the needs of your business or customer loyalty program. Most loyalty management systems include a feature for identifying loyal and potential repeat customers. Businesses benefit from this feature because it allows them to collect customer data and determine their target group. Loyalty Management Software also includes a loyalty program with different methods of rewarding loyal or valuable customers.
How do you build customer loyalty?
A customer loyalty program is an effective way to convey the values that Business to Business (B2B) buyers care about that educate consumers about your brand and your products. Customer loyalty rewards help personalize relationships and create emotional investment from your buyers. Modern customer loyalty platforms provide digital hubs where customers can interact with your brand and receive omni-channel communication that feels relevant to them.
A customer loyalty rewards program is an effective way to differentiate your brand, gain market share, and build customer loyalty.
Why do loyalty programs fail?

Customer loyalty programs can fail for several reasons:

  • Ineffective program marketing.
  • Poor user experience and not enough ease-of-use.
  • A lack of omni-channel customer engagement strategies.
  • Other loyalty programs offer more compelling rewards.
  • Reward fulfillment is too slow to meaningfully shift behavior.
  • Goals are unattainable or unrealistic for most members, or reward-earning opportunities are too infrequent.
  • There isn’t a space for customers to provide feedback.
  • The program grows stale due to a lack of re-engagement strategies or new loyalty promotions.
How can I check my customers loyalty reward points?
Go to the customer management option which is on the left side tree structure panel of your OrderEm account click on view customers option search for your customer by their name or email address or phone number. Click customer name will show their all necessary data and tab on the loyalty button to check their reward points.
How can I notify my customers about the loyalty program?
OrderEm provides you a lot more options to notify your customers regarding any type of messages you want to send off through email campaign or text campaign or push notification. Any type you can choose to notify your customers.

Content management FAQs

What is a content management system?
Content Management Systems offers a platform for your customer's digital experience, where you create, manage and optimize your content. CMS is a software application that allows you to edit, analyze, and collaborate digital content like blog posts and web pages. It not only helps you to create digital content but also helps you to manage multiple channels, such as email, websites, mobile apps, and more.
How does a content management system work?
A Content Management System (CMS) is an app used for controlling a website/app. It allows you to create, edit and manage content in a simple, quick, understandable way. You can set controls to enable multiple contributors to create, edit and publish. Each individual can have their own set of administrative privileges.
Why use a content management system for your website?
CMS streamlines your content flow, allowing you to focus more on your site. You can create more SEO-friendly quality content that can increase traffic and bring more customers.
Why do I need a CMS?
The purpose of CMS is to relieve a website/app owner from all the technical aspects of creating and running a website/app. If you are adept at writing code, you would not necessarily need to use a CMS, but having one allows the operator to spend more time on the essential aspects of Content Creation and Strategy.
Why is content management important?
Content Management Systems are essential because it takes away all the complicated technical work of creating and running a website/app. You will now be able to concentrate on the creation, editing, and managing the pages of your website/app, all via a simple easy to use interface.
How can I add content in OrderEm to view by customers through the app/website?
Go to the content management option in the left side tree structure panel of your OrderEm account. Click on tiles options and select the respective name which you want to content. And click on edit option to add your content then go to your web tiles/ app features option under my website/ my mobile app option to activate the tiles to view by customers.
How can I link my social media accounts to my app or website?
Go to the content management option in the left side tree structure panel of your OrderEm account. Click on tiles options to select add integration tile option and give your social media link and save the tile. And activate the tile in your website or app to view by customers.