Frequently Asked Questions

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Loyalty FAQs

What is a Loyalty program?
In a loyalty program, customers can collect loyalty points on every purchase they make, which can then be redeemed for a reward. This encourages your customers to make repeat purchases helping retain more customers, build loyalty and increase your sales. To know more details about our loyalty program
Do Loyalty programs increase sales?
Customer loyalty is vital for boosting your revenue as repeat customers spend more on each transaction. Just a 5% increase in customer retention from using customer loyalty programs can increase your revenue by 25 to 95%. Loyal customers are more likely to try out new products and give you new customer referrals.
Is Loyalty marketing effective?
Loyalty marketing is an effective way to build loyalty and boost sales. According to statistics, 69%of customers admit that loyalty programs influence their choice of retailer. 76%of customers acknowledged that loyalty programs strengthen their relationship with brands.
Why do Loyalty programs work well?
If you can make your customers feel recognized and special, you will then win their loyalty and trust. Loyalty programs increase customer engagement with your brand, making them feel valued, which in-turn leads to more sales, referrals and profits.
How can I enroll for the Loyalty program?
Your business can get enrolled in the Loyalty Program for FREE.
How many Loyalty points can my customers get?
Your customer can earn points for every completed order based upon the subtotal percentage which you set in loyalty.
How can my customers redeem these Loyalty points?
Your customer can redeem the points while placing an order if points are sufficient for the total order. Each point is equal to $0.01.

Coupons FAQs

What is coupon marketing?
Coupon marketing is a business strategy that takes advantage of consumer interest in saving money on purchases. Offer products to your customers for a lesser cost, in return you will earn increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. To know more about our coupon marketing details click here
Why are coupons important?
Coupon strategies help you to build a brand following. People respond emotionally to brands that reach out to thank loyal customers with discounts and promotions. Coupons offer a way to save money on purchases, hence have a direct impact on the overall shopping experience and help in promoting your brand.
How do coupons attract customers?
Coupons garner the greatest sales, with increased traffic to your store or site. Allow other products and services to bring awareness to your customers to become potential purchases.
Coupons encourage consumers to make a repeated purchase. By offering discounts and coupons you will be at the top of their shopping list.
Why do coupons work well?
Accomplish your sales goals faster – coupons can be effective incentives for customers to perform specific actions that help in achieving sales and marketing objectives. For instance, coupons can help you break even with items that just do not sell well on their own and to up-sell your offering.
When should you give coupons?
Coupons encourage customers to shop at your business. If you have customers who haven’t purchased in a while, use our CRM customer database to market good promotional discounts. Long time customers will return as well as some new ones.
How do I give out the coupons?
Use your CRM database to market the coupons with email, text message, social media and send push notifications.

Gift cards FAQs

What are eGift cards?
eGift cards are a new way of gifting. eGift cards carry a pre-set cash value that customers can use for their future purchases. They generate unique codes and are delivered to your customers via email and text messages to use online and/or in-store. To know more about our eGift cards offer details
Why are eGift cards important?
eGift cards entice your customers to buy more. They collect vital customer data that can help you better understand your market. Your customers can also introduce your business to friends and family through these eGift cards.
Why do eGift cards work well?
eGift cards build deeper customer engagement and give additional marketing opportunities. Customers get a reason to come back and shop more. eGift cards represent cost-effective advertisements that improve cash flow.
Are digital eGift cards safe?
Unlike physical cards, which can be stolen, eGift cards are safe. With eGift cards, you can send a redeemable code via email, text, or social media, which can be accessed by only your customers.
How should you give eGift cards?
You can integrate your digital gift card system with your existing payment processing software, your POS system, Instagram posts, and Facebook stories. Giving your digital gift cards can also boost brand awareness. Design beautiful digital gift cards with OrderEm.
How can I send out the gift cards to customers?
You can send gift cards to customers through their email or text message to avail their offer with their unique code.
I want gift cards avail by the customers to whom I send and don’t want to miss out on any other. Do you validate?
Yes, We will validate and send out the unique code to every individual customer to avail the offer if by mistake or customer shares to anyone also we will restrict them to use when they enter code and try to proceed further.

Bogo FAQs

What are BOGO deals?
Buy One Get One (BOGO) is a sales promotion that helps to promote slow-moving inventory while also raising profits in your store.
Why are BOGO deals important?
When executed properly, you will see higher sales, bigger orders, and better conversion rates with BOGO offers.
How does BOGO increase sales?
When your customer adds a product to their cart, you get an indication of what kind of items they are interested in. BOGO recommends a better purchase for them or nudges them to explore other products.
Can I set the ‘Buy 2, Get 1’ free discount?
Yes, you can offer a buy 2, get 1 free discount. It will be up to you to decide what type of discount you want to offer. We provide up to 15 quantities in size to buy items and customizable get offers i.e., you can offer a percentage or price off discount on getting the item or offer up to 5 quantity get items.
What are the types of BOGO sales from OrderEm?
  • Percentage off deals (e.g. “10% off” or “15% off”) are an example of our promotional discounts.
  • Dollar off discounts will help you to involve discounting items by a flat dollar amount (e.g., $5 off or $10 off).
  • BOGO deals will help to grab your customer's attention by selling one or more items.
How to set up a BOGO offer?
Login to your OrderEm account and go to my marketing setting option under your business name select BOGO option. And setup your BOGO offer for more help click here.
Can I set up a BOGO offer on a specific day not on the daily basis?
Yes, you can set BOGO offer on any specific day as of your choice while setting up the BOGO offer. The created offer will be visible to customers on that specific day of the week to avail.

Cross-sell FAQs

What is cross-selling?
Cross-selling is a marketing strategy that prompts a customer to purchase additional products that are related to what's being bought already. Example: offering fries along with a burger or batteries to a customer buying a clock. To know more about our cross selling offer details click here.
Why is cross-selling important?
Cross-selling is beneficial for both you and your customer as it leads to increased sales revenue and improved customer satisfaction.
When should you cross-sell?
An important aspect of cross-selling is knowing the right time. Weekends, holidays, or after work when customers are in a rush to buy are all good times to cross-sell and increase your sales.
Which products are best for cross-selling?
Items that are frequently-purchased-together, trial products, deals of the day, popular products, and most importantly, products that complement the ones customers have already purchased or are about to purchase.
Cross-selling is a great opportunity to promote your less popular products. Suggest them along with items that customers may find useful together.
Why does cross-sell work so well?
Effective cross-selling by offering the right items to complement purchases made by customers personalizes the customer experience, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing revenue.
Cross-selling encourages customers to browse through more items in your store. It increases brand awareness as the customer becomes more engaged with the variety of products being introduced, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.
How do I personalize cross-sell marketing to increase customer satisfaction?
You can understand the customer's needs by running a menu analytic report that will display the data of the purchases your customers are making. That will help you to know exactly what they are buying to make sure you can cross-sell the right product/service to complement their purchases.

Push notification FAQs

What are push notifications?
Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users’ browsers regardless of the device they use. OrderEm enables personalized push notifications, which in turn, drives more revenue to your business. To learn more about push notification details click here.
What are push notifications used for?
Push Notifications can help your business in multiple ways. They enhance the customer experience, nudging them to take some action. Push notifications can also be used to capture good quality leads, promote sales, and improve outreach campaigns.
Why should you use push notifications?
It is estimated that the click rate from push notifications is 4-8x times more than that of email. It is a strictly permission-based medium. Subscribers will receive notifications only if they have opted-in. These characteristics make push notifications a potent communication channel for marketing.
Do I need to have an app to send push notifications?
At your convenience, you can send push notifications from a website or app. To receive the notifications you need a mobile device.
Can I schedule my notifications?
Yes, you can schedule your notifications just select schedule option and set your date and time to send. Will automatically send push notifications to customers.
Can I send notifications to specific customers?
Yes, you can list out the customers to whom you want to send the notifications based on new customers vs unordered customers vs favoritized customers.
How to send push notifications?
Login to your OrderEm account and go to my marketing setting option under your business name select push notification option. Write your message and select your customer list to whom you want to send or schedule the notification for more help click here.