Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more queries, you can speak to an OrderEm representative by contacting us at 855-210-APPS or

Billing FAQs

How many days are you offering a free trial?
It is totally a 30- days free trial we are offering with an online ordering system.
How do I get to know my free subscription package due time?
We will remind you through mail at the time of your subscription due time to upgrade the package.
How do I upgrade my subscription package?
Yes, to update your plan, first, select your business name on the panel on the left hand side, select My Billing, and then click on Billing. Your current plan details will be on the top left. To upgrade, click on Edit Current Plan. Here you can choose the package that is best for you and click Continue For more help, visit
What if I don’t upgrade and remain in free trial only?
Before your free trial duration comes to an end we will remind you to upgrade your package plan. If not upgraded after the 30th day your business will unpublish and not viewable to customers to place their orders.
What payment methods will you accept?
We accept payment through credit/ debit card or through a bank account or by mailing your check.
Will card details/ bank account details be safe?
Yes, all your details will be safe with us. Our sites include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.
What details do you require if I want to add my bank account?
We want your routing number, account number and account holder name to add the bank account. But we want to verify your account for confirmation that you will receive two microdeposits in your account. Just mention that amount and verify your account.
How many days will it take to get microdeposits to get my account verified?
It will take max upto 3 business days to get microdeposits to your account. Once received the amount please mention that amount accordingly in the OrderEm billing page.
Do I have to renew my plan package every month manually?
No, you don’t have to renew your plan manually. Every month our system automatically debits the plan amount from your tied up bank account or credit/ debit card to enjoy our online ordering system and package advantages without any interruption.
What if my card expires or payment fails? What is the other approach to get your payment?
If your card expires or there is insufficient balance in your account or due to any other reason if payment is not done. We will send you the mail regarding your payment failing and will remind you to make your payment.
What if I do not make the payment after you send out the payment failed reminder mails also?
If we do not receive your payment after our reminder mails your online business account will automatically unpublish from the OrderEm system and you will not receive any online orders from your customers, your business will not be viewable to customers in online stores until you make payments.
After sending out your payment fails reminder mail if I add sufficient amount or updated card details. Do you auto debit? Or have to make payment manually?
Yes we will auto debit from your account if you have added sufficient amount or updated card details there is no need to make manual payment.
How can I update my card details to make payments?
Go to my billing section click on billing information option and click on edit option near payment method header and update your card details to make payments. For more help click here.
What if I want to unsubscribe from OrderEm? What do I have to do?
If you want to unsubscribe from OrderEm you have to cancel your plan and will automatically unpublish your business. To cancel your plan just go to my billing section under your business name on the OrderEm left side tree structure panel click on the billing option and select “cancel plan” option it will show the popup message for your confirmation then click on continue. For more help click here.
Where can I check my invoice?
You can always check your invoice through OrderEm.Just login to your OrderEm account go to My billing section click on billing option and select invoice history option and give your required invoice time period and search for it. Will display your invoice details. For more help click here.
What if I want to change my payment method? Where can I do it?
You can change your payment method at any time, just go to my billing section click on billing information option and go to edit option near payment method header click on it and change your payment details. For more help click here.